“In a Post-Apocalyptic World, a young woman with a mysterious connection to the land – and a combat robot – steps forward to confront an evil, militaristic dictator bent on detonating a recently acquired nuke.”

Combining gritty realism, mysterious gods, and a noble heroine, Dark Cloud is a vibrant, exciting graphic novel.” – Foreword Review Clarion Rating: 4 out 5 Stars

“Sandra Wolff’s Dark Cloud is a stunningly gorgeous graphic novel about a woman’s quest to save land from nuclear destruction in the post-apocalyptic American West. With the help of her monk-like father figure, a loyal robot, and her own foresight, the amnesiac Dark Cloud leads the resistance against warlord General Stone before he can further decimate the environment. Full of dynamic characters, cinematic visuals by illustrator Jared Barel, and action-packed intensity, Dark Cloud is a must read for fans of dystopian fiction, even for those unfamiliar with the graphic novel format.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

Meet Dark Cloud, who comes from a traumatic past that she can’t afford to remember, leaving her on high alert and trusting of no one. The sole exception is Ricardo de Castile, the wizard-like engineer who dresses as a Franciscan monk to hide his true specialty, and also created the combat robot that has her back. Originally designed as a prototype doomsday weapon by our Federal Government, Ricardo changed the programming of the combat robot, now renamed Klaatu, to fight as part a team alongside the daughter he should have had in the first place: Dark Cloud. Normally she would prefer to hide from the world as it has become, but when she discovers that her militaristic neighbor, General Stone, has acquired a nuke, Dark Cloud’s love for the land will not let her stand idly by.

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A Story From the Rain – Richard Burmer
Coward’s Courage – Cock Robin
“A Story From the Rain” use permission pending
“Coward’s Courage” used by permission

Dark Cloud created and written by Sandra Wolff www.SandraWolff.com

Graphic Novel adaptation by Jared Barel of Loaded Barrel Studios www.JaredBarel.com www.LoadedBarrelStudios.com

Disclaimer: The character of Dark Cloud is not Native American. She is neither intended to represent any of the First Peoples of the Americas, nor is she intended to represent any particular Native American culture either currently present, past, or any of their specific spiritual values or concepts.

Rather, she is De La Frontera. The term refers to people of mixed background (cultural or otherwise,) in the U.S. Southwest. Four major cultures meet there: Native American, Hispanic, Anglo, and African American, with many diverse sub-groups in each. (Going by major cultural impact and demographics, which varies wildly depending on location. Apologies to those not specifically mentioned. You’re here, but to list everyone would require mentioning the world.) Ideally, each accept each other. While remaining distinct cultures, there is also a lot of borrowing from each other in that part of the world.

Dark Cloud is a reflection of that.